Boarding Rates:


Prices are per night

All pets are kept separate unless they are in the same family


Check out time is noon. If you pick up after 12pm there is a half day charge (half of the price of a night)


There is no half day charge if your pet is being groomed the day of pick up.


Cats: $16



    Under 25lbs:   $18              

      26-50lbs:       $21            

      51-99lbs:       $23              

Over 100lbs:       $25   

 *For multiple pets: the first pet is full price and additional pets in the same run are half price (Size and comfort permitting)


In the event that your animal has an emergency while boarding they will be seen by Dr. Lawson at The Old Trolley Road Animal Clinic at the owners expense.


Please call us to make a reservation 843-875-8746 


At drop off owners are required to provide an alternate point of contact as well as a local emergency contact in the event of a mandatory evacuation or natural disaster.

We provide bowls, bedding and Purina dry food but we recommend that you bring your own food if your pet is on a special diet, a picky eater, or has a sensitive stomach to prevent diarrhea. Please make sure that you bring enough food for the duration of the stay and any thing else that might make your pet feel more comfortable. Please let us know if your pet has any health conditions, separation anxiety, fear of storms, or is a fence climber so we can take proper precautions. 

We are able to give medications prescribed by your vet at no charge, please bring them in the prescription bottle along with a means of administering the medication (pill pockets, peanut butter... ect)


We strive to keep the facility clean and free of fleas and other insects for the comfort of the animals and staff. That is why pets must be on flea prevention before entering the facility. All pets will be inspected for fleas upon arrival, if fleas are present, they will be given a Capstar and flea bath at the owner's expense.

The Howl a Day Inn will not be responsible for any bedding, bowls, toys, collars or harnesses that are chewed up by your pet during their stay.



All animals are required to be up to date on vaccines to enter the facility. Verbal verification or paperwork from a licensed Veterinarian must be provided prior to boarding.

It is recommended that vaccines are given 48 hours prior to boarding to allow your pets immune system to be at its highest defense.




DHPP 1 year 

3-Year DHPP is only accepted if it is Merial or Nobivac 3 year brand (They are the only FDA approved 3 year vaccines) 

If it is not this brand, then you will be required to get another DHLP or DHPP booster to board.


Bordetella (Kennel Cough) within 6 months

The Bordetella vaccine is required every 6 months at this facility. Please note that even though the vaccine companies do their best to keep up with the mutating virus the Bordetella vaccine still does not cover all strains of kennel cough.


The Canine Flu vaccine is recommended as a precaution but not required at this time.